Donation Requests

Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant and Club, Home to Hilarities 4th Street Theatre, is very involved in donating gift certificates and Comedy showroom tickets to various Charities. In that respect, we receive a large number of requests and ask that you submit your request in writing to the Marketing Donation Department as follows:

  • On the organization’s letterhead, a brief statement about the charity, indicating the purpose of the charity as well as who receives the money the charity raises.
  • We ask that you only make donation requests once every two years.
  • Your request will be reviewed on a monthly basis so please submit them in a timely fashion. Requests can take up to two weeks to respond. Do not phone or email your request. You MUST send a self addressed stamped envelope in order for your request to be fulfilled. We will respond to all requests by mail only.
  • You can send your request to Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant and Club 2035 East 4th Street , Cleveland, Ohio 44115 Attention: Corporate Donations.

Thank you.