A full night of fun, all under one roof!

A full night of fun, all under one roof!

Hap Cole

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hap-featureHappy Cole began his stand-up career in Tampa, Florida. In 1996 he came to the attention of the Montreal International Comedy Festival “Just For Laughs”, his appearances there were so triumphant and stellar that the Montreal Gazette cited Happy as one of ” the standouts in the best jokefest ever.”

Moreover, his success at the Festival drew the attention of all kinds of major figures in the entertainment industry, including the producers of “Black is…” an award winning CBC documentary series. This led to Happy being booked on “Black is…” as well as appearances on such U.S. television shows as NBC’s Friday Night and the nationally syndicated “Showtime at the Apollo”. It also led to an invitation to perform at the Murphyis Cat Laugh Festival in Kilkenny, Ireland hosted by Bill Murray.

Among Happy’s other television credits are the ACE award winning “‘Caroline’ Comedy Hour”, “Comic Strip Live”, Evening at the Improvn, and Comedy on the Road. In addition to these and other stand-up programs, he has also accumulated tv credits as an actor, including a recurring role on Nickelodeons “Clarissa Explains It All For You” and Fox’s “Seaquest”. He starred in a pilot for Big Ticket Television and the UPN network called “Momz Home”. In early 1998, he completed filming a starring role in the independent feature “The Horizon Bleeds”. Happy continues to do stand up, write, act and indulge his major passion…Basketball.

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