Dan Grueter | Pickwick & Frolic

A full night of fun, all under one roof!

A full night of fun, all under one roof!

Dan Grueter

Appearing: June 22-24 |  Buy Tickets

Originally from Ohio, Dan has spent years working clubs, colleges, and corporate events. Dan is quick, clean, and by the end of the show, you’ll feel like you’ve known him your whole life. He has appeared on The Late Late Show on CBS, Friday Night on NBC, The Bob & Tom Show, And BET’s Comicview. Dan currently resides in Los Angeles, yet he is still proud of his graduate degree from The Ohio State University, which probably makes his appearance on HBO”s “The Rivalry”: Michigan vs. Ohio State among one of his favorite television credits. Dan Grueter is a former TV reporter and ad salesman who tried stand-up when he was transferred from Seattle to Cleveland and went to an open-mic when Hilarities was still on West 6th Street. 25 years later he is still on top of his game, releasing his latest album I’m Very Disappointed in You in 2018 and his Dry Bar Comedy special Cheese & Serial Killers in 2022. He doesn’t miss broadcasting at all. 


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Beginning December 1st we will no longer be ticketing in the 2/4/6 format, therefore you may be sharing a table or booth with others. To give yourself seating options, arrive early if possible. Doors open 45 minutes prior to showtime.