A full night of fun, all under one roof!

A full night of fun, all under one roof!


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18 and over

Pickwick & Frolic, Hilarities 4th Street Theater is proud to be hosting The 6th Annual Accidental Comedy Fest and continuing to help it grow into one of the country’s most fun & fulfilling comedy festival experiences.

Since Ramon Rivas started Accidental back in 2011, it aims to bring folks to Cleveland to experience the vibrant & rich comedy scene in the city he loves. Past alumni include KURT BRAUNOHLER, BARON VAUGHN, THE LUCAS BROTHERS, BETH STELLING, CAMERON ESPOSITO, LIZA TREYGER, TED ALEXANDRO, SHANE TORRES, DREW MICHAEL, DOUG BENSON, DAN SODER, & RON FUNCHES & MORE. A limited number of performance spots are left open to submissions from interested comics, with over 300 getting whittled down to the strongest dozen. It’s truly a weekend where Cleveland comes together to allow the comedians to tap into their best selves. 

This year’s event takes place Labor Day Weekend, August 29 thru September 2. Artists from around the country will converge LIVE @ HILARITIES.


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