3 Bars One Roof | Pickwick & Frolic

A full night of fun, all under one roof!

A full night of fun, all under one roof!

Cleveland’s Best Place to have a Cocktail!

Unique in presentation and scope, Pickwick’s bars offer a one-of-a-kind experience for every occasion.  The Pickwick Bar, Kevin’s Martini Bar and The Champagne Bar offer flair and entertainment with style unsurpassed in the Gateway neighborhood.

The three distinct bar areas offer a different experience to suit whatever your mood.  Guests can enjoy a range of selections from our specialty craft beers on tap, to our top shelf martinis and champagnes.

Kevin’s Martini Bar & Taproom offers A dark red ambiance, unusual bar top with a radiant aqua glow, white Italian furniture and custom booths that all add to the comfort and character of the lounge. Our martinis, along with our extensive mixed drink menu and craft beer taps, are carefully crafted by one of the city’s top mixologists.

Have a Sparkling Evening with us at Cleveland’s Only Champagne Bar!