A full night of fun, all under one roof!

A full night of fun, all under one roof!

Pickwick COVID-19 - Status

All Food, Beverage, and Entertainment are SUSPENDED as of 3/15/20 at 9 pm until further notice.

Box office hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-4pm

Dear Friends,
The security and safety of guests and staff at Pickwick & Frolic / Hilarities is our highest priority. Accordingly, we wish to share with you the steps and procedures we have undertaken to mitigate conditions and circumstances that have found us all compromised and vulnerable.

The hospitality industry has always routinely been monitored and inspected for adherence to food safety and sanitary practices by public health agencies. The practices and procedures of Governments and Public Health Depts. have been codified and represent what are regarded as “best practices” to ensure public health.

Given the heightened concern for the public’s welfare during this time, our usual and customary cleaning and sanitizing procedures have been enhanced and stepped up.
We are carefully monitoring the latest developments and advisories issued by local, state and national public health authorities. Pursuant to those advisories and guidelines we have and are:

- Providing greatly enhanced cleaning and sanitizing of all common areas and surfaces, i.e., counter/bar tops, doorknobs, handles, handrails, menus, monitors (POS), keyboards, phones, radios, drink rails, chairs, tables, doors, armrests, elevator buttons, etc., throughout the day.
-Utilizing and adding sanitizing products in restrooms and strategic locations. These products are all visible and accessible and we encourage guests to use them. All cleaning agents provided have been selected to ensure they possess proper disinfecting qualities to provide enhanced sanitization (All cleaning agents are used according to directions provided by the manufacturer).

A word about indoor air quality at Pickwick & Frolic / Hilarities:

Public health advisories include cautions about “gathering” spaces and the need to protect one’s self from stagnant/dormant air environments. Pickwick has an HVAC design that would mitigate the effects of indoor impurities and other contaminants associated with cooking and general public uses. The heating and air conditioning system (HVAC) is based upon a 100% outdoor “once-through” design with all return air exhausted back to the outdoors rather than recirculated throughout the facility. We are constantly supplying up to 33,000 cfm (cubic feet per min.) of 100% outdoor air. The State of Ohio awarded Pickwick & Frolic for its innovation in achieving optimal indoor air quality with energy efficiency.

Final thoughts

Pickwick's highest calling is to provide genuine care and comfort in a convivial atmosphere. Pickwick is dedicated to providing entertainment and good fare as a respite to our daily challenges. In times such as these, when the world's health is on our minds, a sanctuary is needed now more than ever. In addition to our guests' health and safety, we are equally concerned with the welfare of our employees, comedians, and talent. So, if your comfort zone allows, please think about the support needed for all small businesses, especially the hospitality industry. Following the directive provided by Governor Mike DeWine, The CDC and The Ohio Board of Health, our food, beverage, show offerings and events will be suspended until further notice.

Take good care,

Nick and Staff

Nick Kostis - Owner

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