Donation Requests

Pickwick & Frolic The Restaurant, Home to Hilarities 4th Street Theatre, is very involved in donating gift certificates and Comedy showroom tickets to charities. We receive a large number of requests and ask you submit your request in writing to the Marketing Donation Department as follows:

  • On the organization’s letterhead a summary, indicating the purpose of the charity as well as who receives the money raised.
  • We ask that you only make donation requests once every two years.
  • Your request will be reviewed on a monthly basis so please submit them in a timely fashion. Requests can take up to two weeks to respond. Do not phone or email your request. You MUST send a self-addressed, business-sized, stamped envelope in order for your request to be fulfilled. You MUST include your tax id number in order for your donation request to be processed. We will respond to all requests by mail only.
  • You can send your request to Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant and Club 2035 East 4th Street , Cleveland, Ohio 44115 Attention: Corporate Donations.

Thank you!